Following in her ​mother‘s footsteps, Tracy’s passion for design is deep rooted.

Throughout the years, she has owned, renovated, and sold homes, all of which have expressed her signature style.

Her ability to visualize a homes true potential speaks to her intuitive nature.

Always inspired by her surroundings, Tracy has a true appreciation for all things exotic and traditional.

As co-founder of Adorn, she is thrilled to be able to offer her talents and fulfill her lifelong dream. 


As an artist, Kelly has a refined eye and innate understanding of how to craft a cohesive point of view through color, shape, texture and patterns.

While her earlier career earned her a Masters Degree in School Psychology, which speaks to her empathetic nature. Kelly’s creative passion has always remained undeniable.

In what appears to be an un likely pairing, Kelly’s psychology and art background has enabled her to have a deep understanding of the effects that our home has on us, along with the impact that styling/staging produces in others when looking to purchase their dream home.

As co-founder of Adorn, Kelly has been guided by her lifelong art skill, combined with her empathetic nature,in order to create a psychologically driven staging/styling approach.​